Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Planting Milkweed

At Olivet School we hope to instill a sense of global community and commitment to our planet in our students. After learning about how Monarch butterflies are an endangered species, and how they need the milkweed plant to survive, the grades 3 and 4 worked together to clean up a patch of garden on the school property and planted milkweed seeds. Monarch are not able to survive without milkweed, because it is where they lay their eggs and then the resulting caterpillars from these eggs have a diet that consists of only milkweed. November is the optimal planting season for milkweed, so hopefully they will grow!

The students first picked up any yard waste that had collected in the area, such as leaves, sticks and weeds. 

Next they used shovels and pitchforks to loosen the soil and make it ready for planting seeds. 

As they went they removed anything from the soil that might impede the growth of the milkweed seeds. 

They planted the seeds and now they will wait and see what comes up in the spring!
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