Monday, June 16, 2014

June Highlights

It is Monday and I feel like I should be rushing to get the Monday Memo done for this week, packing it full of all the interesting events that the students will be participating in for the coming weeks, but (a little, but not too) sadly school is done for summer vacation so I am blogging instead.

It is always fun to look back on some of the highlights of this year. My personal favourite was having the opportunity to work with the kids while filming the end of school video that was shown at the school closing ceremony. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the videos that were a tribute to our graduates (teachers and students) and our whole school, they will be included in the performance dvd that is mailed out to families later in the summer. The kids were troopers while filming and made Sandy (our director) and I smile with their dance moves and gymnastic prowess. Who knew we had such a talented bunch!
The school closing ceremonies were also very enjoyable. We had a worship service for the students and their parents. Then we honoured our graduate and heard a touching speech from the graduate’s mother. We said good bye to Mrs. Williams who has been part of the staff and Olivet School family for many years and wished her all the best.  
At Olivet we also give out awards to students who go the extra mile. This year the faculty was proud to give out four Kathleen McClure Fountain Memorial Awards! They were awarded for demonstrating a sincere and dedicated effort in music, for contribution to the life of the school through consistent friendliness and helpfulness towards others (from the teachers to the smallest play schooler), for contribution to the life of the school through a consistently positive attitude and diligence through all activities and for academic excellence through receiving an academic average above 87% over the course of this school year.
After the service all the students collected on the lawn for a picnic and the homeroom teachers gave out the individual student awards. Again this is yet another part of the school closing that I greatly enjoy. Each student from Kindergarten to Grade 6 is given a special award that applies just to them that highlights the very special element that they bring to the class. The whole school gets to hear and celebrate in each individual’s accomplishments.
All in all I would say that this year was a great success and I am already looking forward to seeing what next year brings! Have a great summer vacation! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

School's Out!

Have a great summer vacation! School resumes on September 2.