Friday, October 30, 2015

Monochromatic Paintings with a Halloween Theme

The children in the grade 3- 4 classroom have been learning about colour in art. After doing an exercise exploring tints and shades, the task was to paint a monochromatic picture with a Halloween theme. Some pictures are spooky while some are just about Halloween fun. 
All the student's stories will be posted with their paintings on the bulletin board outside the grades 3&4 classroom, including the one below.

The K Detectives
by a grade 4 student

In a far away village called Treatsville on Halloween night two sets of twins were helping each other get into their Halloween costumes. The twins names were Katy and Kathy, and the other set of twins names were Kathrin and Kathlen. 
Katy and Kathy were dressed as witches, and Kathrin and Kathleen were vampires. 
The girls left the house at 8:00 and their mother said, "The kid's must be hyper tonight!" She had just heard the children outside scream and then she sighed as she looked at the ground littered with candy wrappers.
"Bye mom!" yelled the girls as they ran through the candy wrappers to their neighbour, Mrs. Laring. The girls yelled "Trick or treat!" Mrs. Lating opened her door and dropped a chocolate bar into each of their bags. Then she closed the door and the girls walked away. 
Katy leaned against a pole and when she went to grab for her chocolate bar, it was gone! She screamed and everyone in the village also screamed, because their candy was gone too. The girls gasped. Katy whispered to Kathyn Kathrin and Kathleen, "We need to find the missing candy."
The girls ran down the street and stopped at the end of the street. Katy heard a rustling sound, and when she looked ahead there was Treatsville forest, dark and green. 
Katy  took a step forward and said, "I am going in there."
Kathy said, "We haven't been in there before, but I am going." 
Katy, Kathy, Kathrin and Kathleen walked into the forest. They walked past a big oak tree and in the light of the moon they saw that the treats (to their surprise) had grown legs, arms , eyes and mouths. 
Standing in a circle the girls asked out loud why the candy was alive. To their surprise the candy answered! The candy said it was because they were upset that they didn't have any costumes so they came to the forest because they didn't want anyone to see them. Then the girls made them costumes out of leaves and they lived happily every after.

One of many excellent stories that can be read on the bulletin board!

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