Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Playschool's January Review

 January has been a cold and windy month with not much snow. When we did receive some, Playschool took advantage with toboggans and shovels.

 Inside the classroom we have been making observations about temperature, melting snow and ice.
 Discoveries about animals who live above and below the surface of the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.
 What is winter without snowman?
As a class we recited the verse "Snowman, snowman what do you see? I see a yellow scarf looking at me." Children used the dressing props to repeat the verse using all the winter dressing apparel items.
 Play dough snowman

Students often support learning of other students in class. Here an older student guides and encourages a younger student identifying how many snowflake pasta's belong on the cards.

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