Monday, May 12, 2014

The Month of May

The month of May has been a delightfully busy one here at Olivet School! With 2 spring concerts, a handful of fieldtrips, Mississauga Marathon 2k run and even our first ever 2nd Hand Sale!
This year we purposefully have separated the younger and older students’ musical performances. Last year this was done for us by an unfortunate power outage during the concert which forced us to postpone the older student’s portion of the concert (as it required a/v support). It worked out so well in the end that we decided to plan it that way this year.
We have already had the Playschool and Kindergartener’s concert, at the beginning of this month, and it was lovely. As always hearing the songs of little children is beautiful and uplifting (not to mention cute and sometimes even a little silly). I think my absolute favourite part of the younger student’s concerts is when they wave to their moms and dads! You can just see the absolute delight they have of being on stage to impress their parents. Many of their songs involved hand actions and even some dancing that were very enjoyable.
Later this month we will have the musical “Rock Solid” put on by the older students. All families and friends are welcome to attend. I always enjoy the older students’ portion of the concert. They have the opportunity to really shine! Many of our students (especially some of the quieter ones you wouldn’t expect) rise to the challenge of singing a solo or taking on a larger speaking or acting role in these performance. All friends and family are welcome to see their performance Friday, May 30, at 6:30 in the downstairs hall.
May has been (and still is) a busy month full of fieldtrips and of course the students love them! Last week the Grades 3 and 4 met up with our sister school (Carmel New Church School, located in Kitchener) at Medieval Times to supplement their medieval studies in history class. They enjoyed watching the tournament and show. The kids even dressed up as lords and ladies from back in the time!
The students in the upper grades still have one or two more fieldtrips this month, which they are sure to enjoy. It is always great to be able to supplement classroom lessons with outside of the classroom experiences.
The Olivet School students took part in the Mississauga Marathon. It is a great opportunity for students to run a 40km marathon! The students run during their action time during the months of April and May to work up to their 38km and then they go and run the last 2km in the Mississauga Marathon and are cheered on by parents and friends. It gives the students a great sense of accomplishment and often the students come in the next day to school proudly wearing their participant medals.
This past weekend we had our first ever parent initiated 2nd Hand Sale. The volunteers worked hard in the weeks leading up to the sale planning and getting others on board. In the end many of the families of the older children did much to help with the success of the sale. We sold 2nd Hand items including antiques, there was face painting, $5 grab bags for kids, face reading, a coffee shop and even a gallery showing our students’ art! The sale raised $2,200 for the school and did a great job of promoting the school in the neighbourhood. A great big thanks goes out to our parents for running this fundraiser for the school!
As you can see we have been busy here, at Olivet School! For more information about Olivet School please visit our website at

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