Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playschool Christmas Activities

The Playschool class is getting excited about Christmas! The classroom is buzzing with Christmas activities.
These two friends are balancing Christmas ornaments.

This friend is organizing the animals visiting baby Jesus in the stable.

This friend is placing dots in the letter "J" activity sheet. "J" is for Jesus.

These friends are making special angel decorations for their Christmas trees at home. The students got to pick out the colour ribbon they wanted and string on the beads for the angel's head and halo.

 This friend is painting with Christmas coloured paint.
This friend is painting with a pine and cedar boughs. 

Scented play dough is fun to play with. The students use cookie cutters to make Christmas imprints on the dough.

This friend is using Christmas coloured beads to thread a bracelet.

 This friend is playing with the cloth nativity set.

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