Friday, October 4, 2013

Taking soil samples at school

Soil samples are being taken around the school this week and the kids are enjoying being able to watch these mighty machines at work. They were so interested in fact that the engineer in charge of the job offered to speak to the students in KG to Grade 6 and answer any questions they might have about what they have seen the crew doing. It was a learning experience for all!

The Junior Room students watch as the drilling machine is being prepped for boring the first hole.

The first drill piece is put in place.

The first step is for the machine to dig past the asphalt so that is can get to the soil to collect samples. 

The engineer speaking to the students about the job.

The engineer drew a diagram showing the different components of the job. The picture of the far left shows the soil composition from the first sample set they took. The picture at the top of the page is a cross cut diagram of the building and what they think is under the foundation. The bottom picture is a top view of the school showing all the different areas the machines will be taking samples. The last picture on the right is the drilling machine, showing how is sends its drill 15 feet into the ground and collects samples as it goes.

The students enjoyed his talk and gave him a round of applause when he had finished.

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