Monday, May 27, 2013

Forest of Reading Awards

Last week the Grade 2-6 students attended the Forest of Reading Awards. This year was particularly exciting as we had 3 Olivet students on stage during the ceremony! One of our grade 3 students was the official sign holder for author Angus Mike Deas. Another of our grade 5 students introduced author, Ingrid Lee. We even had one of our grade 6 students help to announce the nominees for the 2013 Silver Birch Fiction Awards! We are so proud of all our students!

The Forest of Reading Awards is an event much anticipated by the students and teachers. Every year a box of new books is delivered to the school and the teachers almost have as much fun as the students going through it and reading the new arrivals.

The students are required to read a certain number of books for their reading level to be able to vote on their favourites. To ensure that the students comprehend the stories they are reading they are also tested on the books they have read. These book reports are always captivating to hear, as a student describes their favourite part of the book.

But the best part of the Forest of Reading is going down to the Harbourfront each year and hearing the cheers of excitement from the young audience members as their favourite authors take the stage. It is great to see these authors being greeted like rock stars! After the award ceremony the students have a chance to meet the authors and get their autographs.

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