Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stone Carving

On February 19, Sandy Cline came to Olivet School to teach the students in grades 3-6 how to sculpt stone.  In the picture above, the students are working on a piece of pre-cut stone.  
Each student starts out with a roughly cut piece of stone. They have to file, shape, sand, and smooth it to look like the loon above. 
This sculpture was created by Sandy Cline and is named "Dinner and Dance".
Sandy Cline and his wife Rita pose with Sandy's sculpture "Dinner and Dance".   
Sandy Cline uses the sharp saw to further shape the beak, which must then be filed and sanded into shape. 
Some of the students got dusty! 
The students polish and wash the carvings in water to remove excess dust. The carvings are also sanded in the water with fine sandpaper. 
The carvings are heated before beeswax is melted onto them. 
The wax being melted on the carvings.
The wax has to be cooled in water and the wax is buffed to a shine. 
The students were very happy with the end result!

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